Bedroom TypeUnit TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
1 BedroomType A1, A1a, A1-R463 sqft39$940,700
1 Bedroom + StudyType A2, A2-R527 sqft39$1,055,900
2 BedroomType B1, B1-R, B2, B2-R657 to 700 sqft78$1,116,300
2 Bedroom + StudyType B3, B3-R829 sqft36$1,425,200
3 BedroomType C1, C1-R, C2, C2-R915 to 969 sqft78$1,521,400
4 Bedroom + UtilityType D1, D1-R1184 sqft39$2,032,300

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